Thursday, 18 June 2015

Block Party 0.5, Superbyte Festival, Manchester, 14 September 2014

While it wasn't strictly under the 'Block Party' banner (we only decided on that name a couple of months ago), Teletext40's trip to the 2014 Superbyte Festival could be termed 'Block Party 0.5'. I know that doesn't fit with our intended Roman numeral numbering system for the events, so if anyone knows the correct numeral for 'one half' I would love to know!

Anyway, here's some art produced with Cebra Text at the Superbyte drop-in workshop.

Flickr photoset for these images:

Click a pic for full size, or see Teletext40 pages 181 and 182.

N.B. Please don't attempt to email me at because I no longer use that address! Please use teletext40 __[at]__ gmail com. Cheers!

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